Disc* Program - Summer 2018

- What is the application process for applying to the Disc program?
> Prospective Affiliate students must submit a separate application through We refund the application fee for Affiliate applicants.
- What would the timeline for these applications look like? It looks like they are already open for applications, but that the review will begin mid-February?
> As long as an Affiliate student submits their application at least three business days before February 1st, we expedite the review of their applications and send out admissions decisions on February 1st.
- Do our students receive any priority when applying for these programs? And is there a deadline for priority enrollment?
> See above. We conduct admissions on a rolling basis, and Affiliate applications are reviewed first, so every qualified Affiliate applicant who applies by Monday January 29 is guaranteed admission.
- Is it quite competitive?
> We strive to accept every qualified applicant, but this year we do anticipate having to deny admission even to applicants who meet all the requirements. Applying early on in the admissions cycle will be crucial this year. I would recommend advising your students to meet the priority deadline if they can, and definitely to submit their application by March.
- When will students receive enrollment, if they are successful?
> Enrollment instructions will be sent with admissions decisions on February 1st.
As other Berkeley applications do not require an English Language Proficiency (as the primary language of instruction here is also English), may I assume that for our students this same waiver would still apply? If there is a mandatory upload field should I advise the student to upload an explanation or is this not needed?
That is correct. We ask students in the application if they are enrolled at an International Affiliate School. We also include the following language in the English Language Proficiency section: 
You are exempt from the English Proficiency Requirement if you are a student at an affiliate school (listed here:, if the primary language of instruction at your institution is English, or if you are from one of the exempt countries listed here:
Also for the Statement of Intent - could you please let me know what the word limit/length it is for this?
We ask that applicants respond in 500 words or less.
And that the following website: is the same application for Affiliates?
The information on that site applies to affiliates as well. The only thing that is different for affiliates is that the review of their applications is expedited.
Chrissie Bradley
College of Environmental Design
University of California, Berkeley
Date: 1/23/2018
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