VSIS: Looking Up Archived Student Records

If you are looking for a student's VSIS record for summer 2017 or would like to see if an I-20 was issued, VSIS has been updated and you must search by the using the following filters:
2) Access Staff Pages
3) Document Uploader Review > Review Form Submissions
4) Under Form Group >  VSIS2017 
5) Hide on Review Setting > Show Retired FormGroups
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​After you view the students, you can see what the status of their I-20 was for last summer:
1) If they have a DHLTrackingNumber  it means that an I-20 was mailed 
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2) You can also see if an I-20 was canceled by looking in the notes section 
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Author: Daeng Khoupradit (instructions from Vanina @BIO)
Date: 10/17/17
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