Student's Email in VSIS

1) If a student puts in the wrong email in VSIS, can they go in and change it themselves?
** Yes, as long as it's in Started status, but that doesn't fix everything.  More on 3a.
2) Is VSIS linked to Calcentral? 
** Depends on what you mean by CalCentral.  CalCentral is a standalone system that interfaces and synchronizes with Campus Solutions(CS), aka SIS.  Mercury, the platform VSIS is built on, connects with CS to get student information such as their official Berk email address.  We then ask for a non-Berk email because China blocks Google products, including bMail.

2a) If so, if the student makes an email update with Calcentral, will it update their email in VSIS?
** This depends on the step in the process.  If their VSIS is already started, then no, it will not update VSIS, but it will update their record in ISSM (once there is one), which is used to track them post-VSIS.  We only take their primary from CS.  This is a bit irrelevant to VSIS, as Mercury uses the Alt Email for its communications with students.
2b) If it does, how long does it take?
** ISSM is updated daily from CS, VSIS is not.
3) As staff, can we go into VSIS and change it on the student's behalf?
** Yes, though again this doesn't fix everything.  I'll expand below
a) If so, what are the steps and are there any concerns associated with that?
**The way that Mercury emails students about the VSIS is through their AltEmail address.  This address is gleaned from the student's answer on the Biographical page about their non-Berkeley email address by a piece of code that runs after they move on from that page.  Once that code has run and populated their AltEmail field, it will not run again.  So, if the user or staff changes this email address, I need to be informed so that I can run a quick script to copy that over.  Note there is another location students enter an email, for delivery information, and that email address is not used by VSIS or Mercury for anything else.
Date Updated: 5/9/2017
From: Dan May, IT Manager, Berkeley International Office
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